Building original equipment and gear is a love we commonly share here, and guitars are no different. To have control of your sound and ideas is a relieving feeling, and we’re all nerds about gear, so here we go!

There are 2 tele’s I am working on right now, one is a full on build, the other is a restore (in some sorts). The one on the left I am building it is a 72′ thinline tele and the right is a 70′ Japanese knock off. The 72 thinline will have a rustic kind of used look with LED’s in the F hole and 12th fret, but the rest of the guitar will be normal with humbuckers. The 70’s Japanese will be lightly sanded down then cleared as is and beat up a little. The bridge will be switched with a Bigsby B5 and the pickups will be changed as well (not sure to what yet). I will post again when they are finished or close to finished!