Discovering Lights is a collective of individuals passionate about worshiping Jesus through music.  Our vision is to serve the local church, supporting and encouraging leadership by any means necessary.  We are more than just a team, we’re a family.  Our goal is to eat, sleep and breathe a life of worship that continues to grow and look more like our Creator every day.  We know first hand that there are a lot of hardworking leadership teams out there, and our heart is to further God’s kingdom by offering a helping hand where it’s needed.  Whether it’s just giving a team a much needed week off, serving as an interim for a church with no worship team or leading a special event, we hope that God will use us to be that extra hand.


Will Marple

Worship Leader/ Lead Vox

More About Will
I am passionate about three things.  Knowing God more every day, being the husband and father that he is calling me to be and fulfilling the ministry that Jesus has called me to.  I believe that my family is my first ministry to the Lord, and that is one of the biggest tools God used in birthing the vision for Discovering Lights.  I have a heart for serving the local church, and am proud to be a part of the team that God has put together to do just that.

When I’m not exploring the outdoors with my family or fixing a computer somewhere, I’m playing music with my best friends.  I’m a visionary at heart who loves to be in the presence of God.  Worship is how I get there and I’m privileged to be called to lead his people into that place


Kerri Marple

Nutritionist/ Keys

More About Kerri

Hi, I’m Kerri. My husband and I have three children.  I believe true worship is battle, that God uses it to set people free and that the gates of hell are rattled by it. I believe that God can and will use me just as I am today but I aspire to be more diligent and walk more closely with God everyday.  I like organic food and natural medicine. I love being outside. But mostly, I need Jesus…and coffee.
Organic coffee.


Producer/ Lead Guitar

More About Snidley

Leading worship has always been a big part of my life. I was raised around music and spent most of my time gigging all over. This lead me to learn a ton of things that I still use today in worshiping and teaching. One of my favorite things however is connecting with people and getting people motivated in joining in worship. Like the rest of this family I take joy in writing and leading worship and letting our passion show. Whether behind the scenes or out in front I feel led to be with this family and in a place of serving.


Jimmy Burgess

Spiritual Mentor/ Drums

More About Jimmy

I am a worshiper…a husband of almost sixteen years, a father of five children, an employee with the same company for over nineteen years, and a worship drummer not only with DL, but also as a servant at my church. I live with the hope, expectation, and confidence that God is a keeper of His promises. I worship boldly and confidently before the throne of the Father, by the blood of Jesus. “God first loved us”. My worship, at home or at work, in a personal or corporate setting, surrounded by friends or surrounded by strangers, behind a set or flat on my face, is in response to That Love.


Justin Slone

Ministry Coordinator/ Bass

More About Justin

Being a part of something greater than myself that strives to reach out and help others, has always been something close to my heart that I wanted deeply. I have been a musician for about 20 years and have a sincere passion for music . It has always been there for me in good times and bad. The first actual band I ever played music with was in a church youth group, and also was the place where I met our drummer Jimmy Burgess.  Looking back now, it’s cool to see how God built a relationship that he would use years later to help form this family of worshipers.  Unfortunately my days in praise and worship were short lived as I began down a secular path that would lead me to years of  destruction, a loss of self worth, and addiction in which I lost everything. I played with secular groups over the years and most of the people I surrounded myself with weren’t the best of influences, with little regard for others and zero accountability. The day my life changed, I lost all my material possessions, my family, and was totally broken. I cried out to the only one that could help me. The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. After spending a few years back in a ministry, I made a decision to return to my musical roots and join a worship team. This lead me to a church where I would meet and accompany 3/5 of the team that would become Discovering Lights. I am loved more than I have ever been from this group of people in my life. God has restored me, given me my family back, found me a new family, given me a wife, and a direction with a purpose.

~ Justin

Cameron Foster

FOH Coordinator

More About Cameron

Since my childhood I have always been surrounded with the church and Christ, but not until recently have I, in a way, reopened that chapter in my life. These days I am learning how to continually strive to become closer to my faith and live the life God wants for me. Serving, namely in music ministry, is where I find myself closest to God. This is how I found myself where I am now with Discovering Lights. The opportunity to engineer sound for this ministry has really given me an outlet to not just use one of my gifts, but to use all of the gifts that God has given to me to their fullest. God has a lot in store for not only this ministry, but the lives that we will touch along the way and it is my hope that we as a group may always continue to act as a vessel for his will.

~J. Cameron Foster